FAQ's / Shipping

What is Aura Glow™ technology?

Aura Glow™ technology is our patent pending technology that boosts color deposit and makes all of our colors glow under black light. All of our colors, except Blackout™ will glow under black light.


Do I need to mix the color with developer?

Our hair color is a direct dye system that does not need to be mixed with developer. Simply open the jar and apply to your hair.


Does the color contain Ammonia?

No, our color does not contain Ammonia, AMP or MEA.


How long do you process the color?

We recommend processing for 25-35 minutes. No heat is required. For best results make sure the hair is free of developer and fully saturated with color, applying in multiple directions. See our directions page for more info.


Can I mix colors?

Yes, in fact we encourage you to create your own colors. If you find a recipe you love, send it to us and maybe we'll add it to our website. To lighten colors try diluting them with Illuminate™.


Will the color stain my skin, sink, clothing, etc?

Some staining can occur. Gloves should be worn to prevent staining of the hands. Avoid prolonged contact of the dye with other surfaces.



While we do our best to get your order(s) out within a day sometimes there may be on occasion extenuating circumstances that can delay it. We process orders Monday through Friday but not on weekends or holidays. If there's an unexpected surge in orders you shipment may be delayed an additional day or two but we try to avoid this the best we can. We'll reach out to you via email or text if we find there will be a significantly delay so please use a valid email at checkout. Once your order is packed and in the hands of the carrier (USPS, UPS, etc.) we have no control over it but are more than happy to help if a situation arises. All carriers DO NOT consider Saturday, Sunday and Holidays in their transit times, please consider this if you absolutely need the product by a particular date. If by chance your order is returned to us because of an address issue (no unit number, insufficient address, incorrect zip code, etc.) we'll issue you a full refund less the shipping charges.

Domestic: Within the USA we use USPS and UPS. All transit times are determined from Los Angeles, CA.

International: Orders are shipped USPS, UPS and DHL. Taxes, duties, VAT, tariffs, handling fees, customs clearance fees and anything else your government might impose are not collected upon checkout and may be owed upon time of delivery.